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Say hi to Ritta. Otto and Jagger's little sister. After conquering the pizza and burger scene in Copenhagen, our team was ready for new adventures. Our founders, former Michelin chef Rasmus Oubæk and CEO Christian Brandt, didn’t have to travel far for inspiration for a new concept - it was right in front of them the whole time.

The inspiration for Ritta came from some of our long-term employees. For years, we’ve worked with people from cultures such as Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Inspired by their knowledge and love for Asian cuisine, Rasmus Oubæk went to the test kitchen.

At Ritta, we love food, and only the best is good enough. That’s why Rasmus Oubæk tested our recipes for months until he was satisfied. And that’s why we postponed our opening date to ensure the menu was completely right.

We make authentic rice & curry: creamy curries with aromatic spices, soft Indian flat breads, fluffy basmati rice with homemade fried onions. The taste is authentic, and everything is homemade. We care about every little detail, from our aromatic spice blends and freshly baked flatbreads to our momos, which are folded by hand every single day. 

At Ritta, we always prepare a complete and freshly made meal for you. Whether you’re picking up take away for the family on your way home or enjoying a curry and a cold beer in the restaurant on a Friday night, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re too busy to cook or want something special – for yourself, or for family and friends - we’re here for you. See you at Ritta.


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vesterbrogade 48, 1600 København

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Sunday-Wednesday: 11:00 - 21:00
Thursday-Saturday: 11:00-22:00



Juicy chicken and fluffy basmati rice marinated in an aromatic and unique blend of spices.

Palak Paneer

Indian paneer cheese in a smooth and creamy spinach sauce made with chili and herbs.


Ritta’s dal made from creamy Indian lentils cooked with spices and herbs.

Beef Bhuna

Sweet and spicy curry from Bangladesh. Flavourful beef in a rich sauce with garlic, ginger and caramelized onions.

Butter Chicken

North Indian curry made with tender chicken in a creamy, aromatic tomato-based sauce.

Chicken Korma

Rich and vibrant curry with origins in the Mughlai cuisine. Made with tender chicken and our secret spices.

Beef Vindaloo

A traditional tomato-based Indian curry made with slowly cooked beef in our flavourful vindaloo paste.

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